Jimmy Is Back On The Road At 73 Years Old!

Jimmy Greaves on Stage

Jimmy Greaves on Stage

We thought we had given up but we have had so many requests for a few more shows that we have put a few in the diary. Broxbourne has over the years, consistently been a big venue for us , so it will be nice to be back there.

After Jimmy’s health scare of Jan 2012, we thought we’d retired the show. Never say never though and here we are again for the fourteenth year, treading the boards. Don’t expect anything too new, we’re too old for new tricks, but Jimmy is as funny and quick witted as ever and we are looking forward to seeing old friends and new, back on the road.

Jimmy was the greatest Goalscorer England ever produced, Pele told me that and I think he’s a great judge. Imagine his value in today’s marketplace !! A virtual guarantee of 30+ goals per season! You couldn’t put a value on that. The only time I get annoyed is when some bright spark comes up with the perennial line ‘ yes, but it was easier then! ‘ if it was easier then, why is Jim the only player to score as many goals? Answer, HE WAS THE GREATEST EVER ENGLISH GOALSCORER!

I have worked with most of the greats, Pele, Sir Bobby, Sir Geoff, Hoddle, Rooney, the mighty Eric Cantona, Maradona, Gazza, all with claims of greatness, but for me , forever, as long as I live, Jimmy Greaves was the greatest player I ever saw. Come and see him, usually with me , it could be our last year. You’ll have a laugh. I promise Terry Baker

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