Jimmy’s friend and agent Terry Baker has been going some adding up, these are just some of the amazing statistics from Jimmy’s stunning career.

357 goals in the First Division, an all-time record that will never be beaten because the division no longer exists (and don’t forget he was being kicked and hacked by the likes of Chopper Harris, Norman ‘Bites Yer Legs’ Hunter, Nobby ‘The Toothless Tiger’ Stiles and Tommy ‘The Anfield Iron’ Smith, none of whom would last one minute in today’s gentle, sanitized game).

44 goals in 57 England matches, just five behind the all-time record of Bobby Charlton in 106 appearances.

Six times First Division leading marksman, another record.

Seven hat-tricks in the First Division.

Six hat-tricks for England.

124 League goals for Chelsea (1957-61), then a club record.

220 League goals for Tottenham (1961-70), still a club record.

13 goals for West Ham (1970-71).

9 goals for AC Milan (1961).

35 goals in the FA Cup, and top scorer for his club in 12 of the 14 seasons in which he played in the First Division.

266 goals in 379 Tottenham matches.

491 goals in all matches at the time of his retirement from League football in 1971 at the all-too early age of 31, and not counting the dozens of goals he scored in non-League football.

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